Saturday, October 22, 2011

How to fail at Blogging 101

Step 1.. take 3 weeks off of unexplained leave.. if I was employed and did this, I would no longer be employed.
My favourite tree that we drive by everytime we head North. I just love it for some reason.

On a more serious note, I did accidentally let my blogging go for 3 weeks. 1 of which can be explained because I was in a wi-fi unfriendly area and to get the 'special' wi-fi it would have been $15 an hour and well clearly I just wasn't desperate enough! The other week taken off was due to why we came home early.. all my kids got sick. Let's explore this shall we, we were camping beside the ocean, enjoying sunshine & early Spring-time playing outdoors for a good 3/4 of the day and my kids got an unimaginable lurgy. Wtf people? You're doing it wrong! So yes, another week of intense vomit/poop sessions. And finally, the last week.. well the first week really.. I have no idea? Writer's block? PMS? We'll go with them.

The cutest park bunny ever! DH and I were trying to hand-feed him lettuce at night..

We went camping! It was fun! Almost. 4 kids, 1 tent and 2 parents. And not a clue as to camping with kids. We've done overnight stints here and there but nothing like this. We managed to get the tent set up in about 20 minutes though so props there. But we put it under a giant sappy tree that had some sort of fruity nut things on it and we later found fruit bats/possums? at night. This did not make for easy sleeping.. those nut things fell constantly. When we were sleeping, when we were eating, basically if we were outside the tent we were getting thumped on the head by little acorn things. Eating breakfast on the second morning, I was laughing my butt off as Katie tried to figure out what had hit her in the head when I got splodged on... possum poop! Ugh!

These buggy's were awesome! When I wasn't running in front to take photos, I was running behind pushing because DH was knackered.

The days were spent go-kart cycling, exploring, jumping pillow, rock and shell finding, swimming, shopping, walking along breakwalls, fishing etc. By nighttime the kids were exhausted, as soon as the sun went down they fell asleep and they woke with the birds in the morning (not caravan-park friendly)

The breakwall we walked along, about 5km in total we started near the grass hill and this is just under half way.
One of the tiniest light houses, I've ever seen

By the end of the walk, somebody slept for 3.5 hours..

Monday, October 10, 2011


So you may or may not have noticed that rockstars these days are trying to outwhore each other. Lady Gaga if not in a ridiculous outfit made of bubbles or meat, her outfit of choice seems to be a bra and g-string. This isn't a new fad, you can see Cher's arse in "Turn back time" but it seems to causing an epidemic of arse flashing gear.

Now it's infected the men.. my kids love LMFAO's Party Anthem, Elise (3) particularly loves singing the shuffling part but when their new song "Sexy and I know it" came on, she and Katie (9) both covered their eyes and asked me to turn it off.

So this is the way to sexy up a video for men these days. No thanks, that's just cringeworthy.

Also a notable cringeworthy, driving Katie to a school musical a month or so ago and having NXFM on in the car around 6pm and having Kyle and Jackie O talking about genital herpes and condoms. I now only play the Ipod music to screen out erectile dysfunction ads and safe sex or just sex messages.

How about you, do you find yourself cringing at a Lady Gaga video? Am I just a big ol prude at the ripe old age of 29??

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tea Time With Mrs Tully & The Kids

Yesterday I was having a conversation with ever-gorgeous Michelle, about why I was Tea Time With Mrs Tully as I don't literally have tea with you all. She pointed out it wasn't in the literal sense at all it was about having a cup of tea and blogging to the readers.

But I was left pondering, what would Tea Time with me actually be like. Plus I had a dare to bake scones so here is Tea Time With Mrs Tully in the literal sense.

The before shot, I have 4 kids.. if I want it pretty I take a before shot.
Looks like plenty doesn't it? Yeah all polished off minus 3 oranges, 2 apples & the lemons. Oh and the kids don't drink tea, that's warm milo.

I didn't include photos with kids & their mouths open so about 98% of shots.

I didn't take an after shot, because I haven't yet cleaned up the kitchen.

These photos do not show the fighting between all four kids over the last scone (Dad won!)

I else didn't include the after photos of Elise cough-spluttering her milo all over the tablecloth. Duh, that's why I did a before shot!

I didn't eat the scones, couldn't afford the calories! Wah!

So anyone for literal Tea Time With Mrs Tully??

Friday, October 7, 2011

Bloggy Praise from Dr Bron

Oh my flipping GAWD!

Little old me and my tea blog that's totally not about tea is being spruiked by Dr Bron as one of NSW Best Blogs. In the league of Mrs Woog @ Woogsworld and Gemma @ My Big Nutshell.. You can check out what she said here... or you can just read the blurb about me here.. ok go there and read the other fabulous people too, oh and say hi to Dr Bron!

From Dr Bron

Tea Time With Mrs Tully

If you were going to sit down and have a cup of tea, you'd like to do it with Mrs Tully. Reading her blog is just like that! It's like you wandered over to her house, sat down, and had a chat with Mrs Tully. Except, you now, you're reading, not chatting. Cup of tea optional.

Can you believe it? My little blog that's not quite a month old and only a handful of followers! Flabbergasted! Totally makes up for having to take my kids to Westfield Tuggerah and standing through the Dora ballerina show with little man trying to get on stage because they talked about a choo choo and Ally having a conniption because there were so many people there!

Standing room only in centre court.

Oh and also a bad day because it was a bad hair day, even after attacking it with the hair straightener, my hair stayed kinky. So I was the lady there with the cranky kid on my hip and kinky weird hair.

I think I should have everyone here for tea and a chat now! Oh and if you did wander over to my house and sat down, you would have to make room amongst the children, the toys, the pile of washing I was supposed to fold last night but flaked on.. so just read the blog, it's much safer and glossier!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


So starting a new blog and then all of a sudden becoming absent, doesn't seem like the best idea does it?

But sometimes even ideas that aren't the best, work out better anyway.

I've managed to re-group and stop the 1232 million that were going through my head constantly. I have so many ideas for the blog and various posts and I was having trouble finding the off-switch but a few days with just the hubby and the kids was enough to get back on track. To stop struggling so hard.

As yesterday's Wordless Wednesday was about the zoo, I'm guessing that you may have realised we went to the zoo! All 6 of us, no prams, just little people explorers getting up close and friendly with the animals.

There was a moment of terror though, when the crocodile turned to eye me!

And sometimes you come across friendship in the most peculiar places

That would be a baby echidna and a blue-tongued lizard. They're snuggling!

I'll leave you with the photo of the day though, Miss Ally getting up close and personal with a deer

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Ooh, that's!

So this week I've discovered . Yes, I am a little late to the party, but that's cool because I've spent the last couple of days getting well acquainted with p-interesting things and I am going to show you my dream home interior design, **if the husband and I ever divorce because he doesn't share my passion for shabby chic-ness.

 Meet my kitchen -

                                                                                   Source: via Mrs on Pinterest

I've wanted this kitchen forever. I love the white, I love the glass, I love the kitchen island and the granite. It's perfect in every way, if only my husband would realise I would totally transform into Nigella if I had this kitchen. 

 This would be my breakfast nook -
                                                                      Source: via Mrs on Pinterest

Can't you just imagine, four little people sitting in their Sunday best smearing Coco Pops all over the table! 

My swanky bathroom-
                                                                      Source: via Mrs on Pinterest

I'm not sure I'd ever leave the bathroom, it's divine!
Source: via Mrs on Pinterest

And this would be the perfect home decor! I love labels! 

 To appease the hubby I suppose I could settle for a master bedroom like this -
                                                                     Source: via Mrs on Pinterest

But he would have to install a window seat and bookshelves like these to make me 100% happy!
                        Source: via Mrs on Pinterest
Now who wouldn't want to come visit me if I lived in my ShabbyChicCastleCottaget